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CentraCure inks are especially noted throughout the industry for providing superior print quality while matching the runability of today’s demands. Our inks help the pressroom streamline efficiency while optimizing your overall print performance.


After 75 years in business, we still challenge ourselves to develop new products
that surpass the high quality and consistency upon which our customers depend.

Brilliant: adjective 1) shining brightly; sparkling 2) vivid; intense 3) very splendid or distinguished
4) having or showing keen intelligence, great talent or skill 5) Central Ink Corporation
Adapted from: Webster’s New World College Dictionary Copyright © 2005 by Wiley Publishing, Inc., Cleveland Ohio.






CentraCure Ink    

CentraCure Brilliant Inks are high in bio-renewable resources, low in VOC’s, and qualify for ASA Soy Seal approval.


CentraCure Plastic Plus Inks are recommended for use on all plastics, credit card laminates, foils, semi foils and containers where optimal adhesion is needed.


CentraCure Paper Inks are recommended for use on all paper substrates as well as some treated plastics and semi-foil stocks. This product was developed to work with several different fountain solutions to allow a larger water window for quicker start ups and less down time.


CentraCure Foil Inks are recommended for use on most foils, semi-foils and metallized substrates. This product was specifically developed to offer superior adhesion on these types of stock.


  • Provide optimal cure speed
  • Enhance dot gain, dot density, trapping, and contrast
  • Boost overall press speed
  • Improved transfer
  • Excellent color strength
  • Superior anti-mist properties
  • Surface chemistry that allows you to overcoat inline or offline
  • Great press stability
  • Excellent in-can shelf stability
  • Good gloss







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