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C & W Pressroom Products is today's Leader in the field of environmentally friendly pressroom chemistry.  Noto only does C & W supply the industry with the highest the highest quality fouuntain solutions, blanket washes, printing blankets and pressroom cleaners, we also supply top shelf technical assistance and customer service.  C & W also has Fogra approved products.  Now part of the CIC Family our global sales force and technical representatives are available to aid you in selecting the correct products to suit your pressroom supply needs.


Please select the following PDF file for more information on our products:

Pacesetter 820G.pdf

Pacesetter 990.pdf

AP Cleaner 2000.pdf

SAFE 127.pdf

Anti-Foam TDS.pdf

Pacesetter 993.pdf

Hydrogen Peroxide.pdf

New Age L.pdf

Pacesetter 860.pdf

Pacesetter 992 RB.pdf

MRK IV.pdf


4 Step Roller Wash.pdf


Pacesetter 2012.pdf

SAFE 706 A Plus.pdf

Plate Cleaner.pdf

Autowash 200.pdf

Dynamic WM.pdf

SAFE 3038 S.pdf

Autowash 142 Series.pdf

Anti Foam.pdf

Reliable VHB.pdf


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To place an order, to contact customer service, or for more information on any of our products please feel free to call or email Sarah or Lisa at:

order.desk@cicink.com   Phone: 630-520-0404    Fax: 630-231-6554

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