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After 75 years of providing excellent ink products to the marketplace, CIC has expanded its offerings to include a water-based flexographic line of ink products. The CentraFlex system is manufactured using the finest raw materials available. These inks are designed to minimize operator adjustments throughout extended press runs, as well as maximizing yield, and minimizing waste.


After 75 years in business, we still challenge ourselves to develop new products
that surpass the high quality and consistency upon which our customers depend.

Brilliant: adjective 1) shining brightly; sparkling 2) vivid; intense 3) very splendid or distinguished
4) having or showing keen intelligence, great talent or skill 5) Central Ink Corporation
Adapted from: Webster’s New World College Dictionary Copyright © 2005 by Wiley Publishing, Inc., Cleveland Ohio.





CentraFlex Ink    

CentraFlex Brilliant series produces the highest gloss, highest quality print for an ink system, where the single station combination of line, type, and solid printing occurs.


  • Optimal stay-open qualities
  • pH stable
  • Easy clean-up

CentraFlex Film series promotes excellent adhesion
and scratch on many films, yet is operator friendly for
printing on papers.


  • Thermal transfer print compatible
  • Highest gloss, highest transparency, and highest quality print
  • Added strength for excellent initial and long-term scuff resistance
  • pH stable
  • Unique set time without dirty print


CentraFlex Plus series is the strongest ink system available formulated to produce high-density print using higher line aniloxes.


  • Prints excellent dots, type, and solids
  • Provides an excellent dry rate for each type of print
  • Ultra pH stable
  • Highest mileage inks

CentraFlex Fluorescent series is unmatched for
strength, shelf-life, and press stability. Also available is the
TF series which prints well on many plastics.


  • Strong, bright colors
  • Excellent dry time

CentraFlex Process series is truly a “pour and go”system featuring cutting-edge ink technology with the absolute lowest maintenance.


  • Great strength and hue
  • Ultra pH stable
  • Optimal stay-open qualities
  • Low viscosity

CentraFlex Metallic series provides a nice metallic
sheen, which matches the metallic look seen in color
guides, but is an economical alternative to a true metallic ink.


  • Optimal stay-open qualities
  • Prints and dries well on solids
  • Lightfast and non-lightfast formulations
  CentraFlex Envelope series provides excellent color,along with the low viscosity requirements of envelope printers.


  • Non-curling
  • Press ready
  • Economical

CentraFlex True Metallic series is the ultimate in
metallic inks providing a brilliance nearly matching foil.


  • Optimal stay-open qualities
  • Prints and dries well on solids
  • Utilizes metals for coloration and therefore is lightfast in nature

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