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Central Ink's Testimonial Archive


To Whom it May Concern:

I am very happy to provide a reference for the Central Ink Company; I have worked with Central Ink for almost 2 years now. When The Ledger was looking to take our print quality to the next level we asked Central to come in with their Mobil diagnostic lab and analyze our printed sheet. During the test Vic was able to reduce water and ink curves and sharpen up our dot structure and improve overall print quality.

From being flexible with delivery schedules and maintaining a constant ink quality, Central has always been dependable, straightforward and honest. I'm happy to recommend them to any of our sister newspapers in Gate House.

Peter Ryall
Press-room Manager
The Ledger





To All:

Several years ago when PAGE bid out our ink purchasing contracts, Central Ink came through with an competitive offer that moved them from our third largest to the single largest supplier of ink to PAGE Cooperative members. More than 130 PAGE members currently purchase their ink through Central. In addition, Central graded highest among ink suppliers in our 2014-15 member/supplier survey receiving an average score of 4.65 out of 5.00 points.. .This led them to once again be rated as a PAGE Platinum Supplier, a rating rewarded to only the top 10% of our vendor network.

If you would like to further discuss our relationship with Central Ink, feel free to give me a call.


John Snyder

March 2, 2015

Dear Vic,

The Boston Globe began using Central Ink black in February 2014 then colors one month later. The change to Central came after exhaustive testing during which time The Globe was working hard to improve printing operations. Excess ink and water on press were a constant source of quality and productivity issues. We needed a vendor who could work with our pressmen to reduce both water and ink. Months before we contacted several ink manufacturers and invited them to bring in their technical teams and test inks. Each vendor worked with our pressmen in production for a week. During that time each manufacturer ran analytical tests for quality and run-ability. We watched the interaction between the pressmen and the ink company very closely. In the end Central Ink's team were able to have the most positive effect on our staff. Using their mobile diagnostic they were able to show our pressmen the relationship between water and ink in real time as the presses were on edition. Besides superior customer service we found that the inks were also the most favorable to run. We were able to reduce water and ink to the point of significant savings in cost. Along with savings in ink costs we are able to reduce paper waste at start up as well.

Our association with Central Ink has paid dividends in improved quality, productivity and reduced waste. Having been a life-time loyal user of a competitor’s ink, I highly recommend Central Ink to anyone considering them.

Kurt E Parent Executive

Director Printing Services
Boston Globe Publishing Services



February 25, 2015

Attn: Mr. Michael Carfagnini Central Ink Corporation

Dear Michael,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your staff for the outstanding support that we have, and continue to receive from the Central Ink team. Your customer support and technical advice, along with your team's on-site diagnosis, has been very helpful to both the print and run ability of our presses.

The ink continues to be performing well for us with great color reproduction. The ink formulation has also assisted us in improved mileage without any negative performance concerns while upholding the quality standards that our customers demand.

In today's challenging economic conditions, it is very helpful to receive a product that performs well at a very attractive and competitive price. We look forward to your continued support and retaining our partnership in the future.


Gary Hall
Sr. Director of Plant Operations Office







February 2015

We made the switch to Central Ink several years ago, and we have been very happy that we did. We had used the same ink supplier for years. When we installed a new press we had many printing issues such as toning and scumming, and our vendor was unable to fix the problems. We called Central Ink, and not only were they able to help improve our quality, but they were able to save us a ton of money. I know that the idea of switching ink vendors can be daunting, but I would wholeheartedly recommend Central to an operation of any size.


Will Randall

Frederick News Post Printing and Publishing

Frederick, MD







Wednesday, February 4, 2015 at 4:01 PM


I took over the press operations back in 2000. At that time we were using US Ink Jim Mueller was our Sales Representative and all was well. Then in April 2011, Jim was notified by US Ink that he would no longer be employed by the company. Jim came to The Greeneville Sun in May 2011 to notify us that he was now working with Central Ink Corporation.

Jim continued to visit The Greeneville Sun and asking for our business. At the time US Ink went up on price and resolved the relationship with Page, I called Jim and ask him to revisit us... soon! I believe this was in 2013.

Jim and the entire crew of Central Ink worked very diligently to get our formulation just right to meet our needs here at The Greeneville Sun. After several attempts, we started using Central Ink in 2013. We had our customer service back, which I might add is exceptional. Jim to this day visits our plant every six weeks and is always a phone call away. We also started seeing a much better color reproduction.

I would RECOMMEND Central Ink to anyone. A GREAT product and EXCELLENT customer service.

Dale Long,

Director of Printing and Distribution,

The Greeneville Sun

Greeneville, TN





Just quick thanks for all of your help during our transition from Flint to CIC ink. The 'real world' guidance and advice you provided along with Tobias, plus mobile diagnostics has helped our pressroom become a better, more complete operation. I truly believe we are operating at a higher standard than we ever have during our 2 years with this press. Your team certainly played a major role in this improvement.

Thanks again.

Stephen Fowler
Production Manager

The Tuscaloosa News:

A Halifax Media Group Company


I've only been on-board here in Gastonia for few months. With that said, I've been using Central Ink for many years. During my tenure with my previous employer, I went to my corporate leaders and wanted to test inks so we could determine best of the best ink for our needs and throughout the entire company. I was given the green light to do so. I tested US Ink, Flint Ink, Impressions Ink, and Central Ink as I simply wanted to put them all to the test so to find the Ink that would give us exactly the results we expected. I filled one side of a tower with US Ink and the other side of that same tower with Flint Ink and on a second tower I filled one side with Impressions Ink and the other side with Central Ink (C,M,Y,K) I ran this scenario for three months and the results spoke for themselves. Long story short, when I made the final decision to what I clearly saw as the Ink that performed best, I passed my reports and recommendations on to my COO and CEO. As a result of the test with supporting reports the entire company changed over to Central Ink in all press plants. Below is just a few of the results from our testing of all the inks:

  1. Central Inks cleaned up faster than the other Inks

  1. Improved Mileage I CIC was clear winner

  1. Waste reduction I CIC wins again

  1. Less water needed to achieve desired Ink/water balance (which is always a great reward from our Inks on press) -CIC

  1. Great customer service / 2nd to none and that's just the beginning -CIC

  1. Quality control /on-site training- CIC- no comparison

  1. A big reward (I didn’t even find out this until after the switch- In other words Central didn't try to "sell" this as a difference maker ) Central Ink offers Mobil Diagnostics -This is a value that is simply a part of the service provided. We fully utilized this in all our press plants. Central came in to each press plant and oversaw running of the MD. After the test was completed on press these items were packaged and sent to their lab for evaluation... plates, printed test pages, a list of products used (plate type, fountain solution, press type, CTP equipment, etc.) Everything was measured in the lab and results sent back to the plant with documentations/recommendations for optimal settings to produce optimal reproduction consistently from CTP to press.

I have been very pleased with the Central Ink brand and the knowledge the team brings into our operations with real world experience and a plan to help us measure our printing process so to achieve best possible results for our advertisers, readers, and print customers.


Daryl Mumford

Operations Director

The Gaston Gazette


February 20,2015

To Rick Parent:

Morning Rick: Jerry Pond here wanting to touch base with you on the excellent results we have experienced with your inks since we began to use your black and process and related items we purchase from Central Ink Corporation along with many other properties in our group. We have one of the oldest press lines running among the Gatehouse properties. There are many workarounds we have in place due to its age, worn ink mies, worn fountain blades, seals ect.

From the very first impressions we took off our Goss Community when we began to use the black that alone cured toning and washed out image difficulties we have had for years while using the First Impression and US Ink products which never seemed to go away except throwing the ideal balance off to print acceptably. The fact we can order the inks we use which are all hand carried to our press in a custom heavy body base tuned to our older press line also stopped the ink dripping from the fountain blades and ends plus with the ink more controllable are using less ink per impression.

The process colors we are purchasing from Central Ink are running true to our composing room proofs on our four color requirements and with the same custom heavy base we can buy product on are allowing us to lay down the color inks again using less ink and helping cut our production costs.

The time you spent here analyzing our ink usages and equipment and fountain solution testing seemed to take care of our ink/water balance printing issues we have fought for an awful long time. The fact also we can purchase items like blankets and other items also lessens the time spent chasing suppliers from many sources and knowing we get the best possible pricing rounds out the improvements have experienced in my pressroom.

Looking forward a very long lasting relationship teamed with Central Ink to continue to get the most from my Goss Community five unit press here in Cheboygan, Michigan.

Jerry Pond
Pressroom Manager
Cheboygan Daily Tribune










February 25, 2015

To whom it may concern,

Central Ink Corp. has been our ink supplier for the last 25 plus years and has done an exceptional job supplying us with a quality product at a competitive price and servicing our account. They have offered us technical assistance and worked with us on quick delivery of specialty product in this time as well.

I have been very happy with both the level of quality in both the products and service from them and would recommend them as a vendor.



Production/Operations Manager
Flashes Publishers
Allegan, Ml




I appreciate you guys working to be competitive on price; we like your product.

In conjunction with lowering your price per pound, please don't lower your standard or lose your value added services . One reason we stayed with Central is due to the net cost of ink and not how much it seemingly costs on the front end. Using SNAP tests, we found the mileage of your ink to be better and more cost effective to the bottom line when the price and NAA standard is right.


As for value, as a group, we have seen good results from your mobile diagnostics as a way to gain outside feedback for our process as well as for our operators. The success this year with 99% on the SNAP certification in Sarasota is proof that it works to keep cuMs and settings in tune. We made 'very little adjustment to get to that score during the test.


Feel free to share this with Tobias, Vic, and Greg as well. They have all played a positive role in keeping the consistency we need in our consumables to get the quality our customers demand.

Don't get me wrong, we still need some work with pricing to stay competitive.




Chuck Chambers
Production Director

Herald-Tribune Media Group







February 18, 2015

Attention: Rick Parent


We have been running your colored inks since the fall of 2011. There have been no issues with quality and the deliveries have been on time as requested.


In early 2014 we started using your low rub black (by tanker). The black ink has performed as expected with no surprises.


One of the main reasons we switched from our previous supplier was cost. By changing over to Central Printing Ink, we saved the company {Gatehouse Media) some money, especially on the colored inks.


Thank you for keeping in touch.


Wayne McCuaig
Production Manager

Sault Ste. Marie, MI

 “IWCO Direct, has served the needs of North American direct marketers for more than 35 years. When IWCO purchased Fala, a printing plant in Long Island, in 2005, we invited CIC in to perform a pressroom audit and make suggestions to improve the printing process. The CIC team made some suggestions to get things under control and almost immediately improved productivity, paper waste, and print quality.  Mobile Diagnostics then came in and further fined-tuned the process.  We’ve just purchased a plant in Elm City, N.C. and we’ll be having CIC do the same thing there. Great service.”

Mark Oberg

Pressroom Manager

IWCO, Long Island, NY           



 “Central Ink has great ink products, and of course, that’s the basis for our relationship, but CIC has been a great partner to us in other ways as well.  Along with helping us achieve SNAP Certification, they’ve supported our local NIE (Newspapers In Education) programs, and helped with our annual Toys For Tots drive. CIC is large enough to meet our needs, but small enough to still maintain a feeling that you’re dealing with real people who care about their products and their customers.”

Jeff Downing

The Philadelphia Inquirer           



 “Our relationship with Central Ink Corporation started with cost savings on our sheetfed and heatset web inks. I know that buying from CIC means that I have a team behind me, at all times, to assist in my company’s success.”

John Gaspari

Vice President of Manufacturing




“We were having substantial problems with waste ink going into our pans. Our current vendor was making some progress but waste was still excessive after several formulation changes. In March, 2009, we tested and subsequently switched to Central Ink [Corporation’s news ink] at our Santa Ana plant. The result was a reduction in waste ink by 40-50%. Our quality actually improved as well. Steve Brown and Central Ink Corporation are easy to work with and continue to look for ways to make us more efficient with our ink usage.”

Mike Webster

General Manager-Freedom Printing

Director of Print Operations

Orange County Register Communications




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