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CentraNews & CentraSoy
Our coldset inks are the result of the latest technology in equipment, processing and raw material design. Our development and manufaturing of varnishes and pigments aloows us to create a truly new standard in news and coldset inks. These inks exhibit superior performance to meet the challenges our customers face in achieving the quality and productivity demanded by today's ever-changing markets.


After 75 years in business, we still challenge ourselves to develop new products
that surpass the high quality and consistency upon which our customers depend.

Brilliant: adjective 1) shining brightly; sparkling 2) vivid; intense 3) very splendid or distinguished
4) having or showing keen intelligence, great talent or skill 5) Central Ink Corporation
Adapted from: Webster’s New World College Dictionary Copyright © 2005 by Wiley Publishing, Inc., Cleveland Ohio.






CentraNews Ink    


  • Excellent transfer
  • Reduced misting
  • Great ink/water balance
  • Low rub-off, No page-to-page setoff
  • Smooth lay down
  • Fast plate cleanup
  • Leaves the pipe rollers clean
  • Low in Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions
  • Satisfies the color, shade, hue and grayness requirements set forth by NAA and SNAP specifications
  • Process control capabilities ensure total batch-to-batch consistency


  • Vintage Series - Economy strength with standard rub-off characteristics that exceed any other standard inks in the industry
  • NAA-COLOR AD-LITHO Series - Standard strength and rub characteristics
  • Insignia Series - Stronger strength with enhanced low-rub uniqueness
  • Signature Series - Stronest strength with exceptional no-rub distinctiveness

Color Levels

  • Process Color Series
  • Pantone® color blends as well as flourescent and metallic colors
  • Custom Color Matches


  • Offset Injector
  • Offset Open Fountain
  • Keyless Offset
CentraSoy Ink


  • Manufactured soley with soybean based oils
  • Emits virtually no VOC emissions
  • Exceedingly high in its qualities within its classification
  • High in bio-renewable resources







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