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Heatset Ink
An ink supplier since 1933 with customers across a diverse range of markets, CIC has grown its Heatset line of inks steady and strong, just like the Redwood tree, to become a leading source for top quality Heatset ink systems. What sets CIC Heatset inks apart? We begin with the best raw materials from around the world. We custom formulate to the most exacting pressroom, substrate and finishing requirements. Most importantly, we deliver the product consistency and performance you need to satisfy your customers, and compete successfully in your market.


After 75 years in business, we still challenge ourselves to develop new products
that surpass the high quality and consistency upon which our customers depend.

Brilliant: adjective 1) shining brightly; sparkling 2) vivid; intense 3) very splendid or distinguished
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Heatset Ink    


  • Superb strength
  • Excellent rub resistance
  • Low mist
  • Very Fast drying time
  • Lower oven temperatures saving energy
  • Consistent and stable water emulsification
  • Higher tack for good dot reproduction, yet will not tack up on rollers, reducing picking and piling
  • Meets G7 specifications to match most proofing systems
  • Available in low, medium, and high tack to meet your requirements

Tabloid Inks

  • Runs on lightweight coated, supercal and uncoated stocks
  • Offers unique performance advantages for sales publications, newspaper inserts, flyers, coupons and other applications
  • Often specified to “fix” linting and hickies from problematic stocks
  • It is available in three formulations:
  • Insert - for commercial Heatset
  • Supercal - for premium printing
  • Heatset News - for newspape



  • For inline aqueous and UV coatable applications with very good rub
  • For matte stocks and reduced marking in tough finishing situations
  • For precise color matching

Stochastic Inks

  • For applications requiring superb detail and smoother tonalities than line-screen printing
  • Produces extremely uniform microdots, similar to the grain in photographic film, to create richer shadows and brighter highlights
  • Exhibits better ink-water balance and allows you to match a wider range of subject matter
  • Available in all Heatset ink series products; commercial, cover and tabloi

Commercial/Catalog/Publication Inks

  • Available in formulations for all press manufacturers, formats and oven configurations
  • Formulated to perform specifically for all dampening systems such as Dahlgren, conventional brush and spray
  • Available in 4 color process, Pantone® Mixing System colors, Hexachrome, fluorescent, and metallic colors, as well as custom color matches
  • Overprint varnishes are available in high gloss, high rub, satin and d

LVOC Features

  • Contains no more than 30 % VOC’s based on EPA Test Method 24
  • High in bio-renewable resources with a BRC rating of 40







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