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Central Ink's Current News


Due to continued inflation in raw materials, tight labor markets, and logistics challenges, Central Ink has no choice but to raise prices on all printing inks, coatings, and consumables.

In order to provide quality products and service, we must offset these unprecedented cost increases. Passing on additional costs to our customers is never an easy decision. We are grateful for your ongoing support.

Effective October 1st, ink pricing will be increased 7%.



Effective May 15th, 2022, $0.10 surcharge for all ink products.

After much analysis on the current hyperinflationary environment, we have deemed it necessary to implement a surcharge.

Rising crude prices and supply bottlenecks at refineries have driven the cost of the oils and solvents further than expected. In addition to that, the subsidized renewable fuel space has increased demand for many bio-renewable materials used in printing inks, driving costs up on our resins and plant-based oils. Additionally, as we are all aware, transportation costs continue to rise.

Passing on additional costs to our customers is never an easy decision. We are grateful for your ongoing support, and we ensure that these changes will help us provide a secure supply of quality printing inks and support to your business.



Central Ink Corporation will be increasing prices on printing inks, coatings, and press room chemistry products effective February 1st, 2022. There continues to be significant inflationary pressure on raw materials used in the production of printing inks and consumables. Tight capacity and increased demand for pigments, resins, solvents, and international freight containers are driving costs up. Our objective is to continue to provide high-quality products and reliable technical support to our customers. Our new pricing reflects what is needed to meet these objectives in the current environment. A sales representative will provide an updated price schedule soon. Price increases are never easy, so we appreciate your understanding and continued support. 



Central Ink Corporation will be increasing prices on printing inks, coatings, and pressroom chemistry products effective April 15th, 2021.

As the global economy begins its recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been various challenges to the global supply chain. Worldwide reductions in operating capacity coupled with stronger demand have led to supply shocks, price increases, longer lead times, and increased logistics costs for chemical materials used in the manufacturing of printing inks, coatings, and pressroom chemistry products. More acute issues such as the freeze in Texas have led to capacity shutdowns and declarations of force majeure. Domestically, upward pressure on several commodities such as soybean and linseed oils are also driving costs up.

We anticipate ink increase to be between 7 and 10 percent, dependent on product line. Pressroom chemistry will be handled by formula.



Central Ink has and will continue to analyze the ongoing impact to the supply chain of key raw materials due to the spread of Coronavirus. Our supply chain is diversified globally, we have been working with our suppliers to address potential risks to our raw material procurement strategies. We have addressed near term concerns by stocking inventory of raw materials above our normal levels. We are working with our primary and secondary suppliers to stay informed on any potential manufacturing shutdowns or logistics disruptions that could impact supply, and we have contingency measures in place.

So far, our due diligence into the supply chain has shown that our suppliers have been actively addressing these same concerns. We do not expect any issues with supplying product, and we will continue to work with suppliers and provide updates.



We are pleased to announce that on July 21st, Central Ink Corporation acquired substantially all of the assets of Impression Inks, in a private transaction. This acquisition represents a unique opportunity for Central Ink and Impression Inks to combine their strengths in manufacturing, formulation, distribution and technical services to the web offset market of the printing industry.

Impression Inks Ltd., headquartered in Ft. Worth, TX for the past 15 years, also has a manufacturing plant in Reno, NV. Impression Inks established itself as a major ink supplier in the newspaper and Heatset printing market. Lead by Jesse Samaniego and Bain Gilly, Impression Inks has kept their promise to providing consistent products with excellent customer service.

Our shared goal of delivering exceptional value, unparalleled service, and consistent quality makes for a winning combination for all customers.




Central Ink Corporation proudly announces the addition of C & W Pressroom Products to the CIC Family.

With the addition of C & W, we have added the following environmentally friendly products to our high quality lines of Inks & Blankets including:

  • Blanket Washes
  • Fountain Solutions
  • Industrial Cleaners

C&W Pressroom Products is today's leader in the field of environmentally friendly pressroom chemistry. Not only does C&W supply the industry with the highest quality fountain solutions, blanket washes, printing blankets, and pressroom cleaners, we also supply top shelf technical assistance and customer service. Now part of the CIC Family our global sales force and technical representatives are available to aid you in selecting the correct products to suit your pressroom or commercial printing requirements. Call us today for immediate attention to your pressroom supply needs.

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