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If you’re looking for high-performance, commercial sheetfed inks that can be used in a wider range of applications, consistently deliver a higher level of quality, and exhibit more precise balance strengths for color control — while substantially reducing start-up times, waste and maintenance costs, look no further. Because CIC is you’re best source for sheetfed ink solutions. Our commitment to you is to continually seek new ways to increase your production efficiency and enhance your profitability. CIC is proud to offer field support and ink management services.


After 75 years in business, we still challenge ourselves to develop new products
that surpass the high quality and consistency upon which our customers depend.

Brilliant: adjective 1) shining brightly; sparkling 2) vivid; intense 3) very splendid or distinguished
4) having or showing keen intelligence, great talent or skill 5) Central Ink Corporation
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Sheetfed Ink    


  • In-line and off-line aqueous coatable
  • Off-line UV coatable
  • Laser safe
  • Excellent ink/water balance on all press, dampening and plate types
  • Formulated around a wide variety of substrates and are available in a full line of metallics, fluorescents, glosses, and Pantone® colors

Centra HSP Series is a 100% solids system for plastic or synthetic stocks.


  • Fast drying
  • Full line of fade resistant inks
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Exceptionally good scratch and rub resistance
  • Low VOC vegetable oil based product


CentraAdvantage Process Series is the perfect solution for printers who appreciate press stable inks that don’t fluctuate, for fast turn around.


  • Outstanding reproduction/dot fidelity providing exceptional balance between colors
  • Hard drying
  • Superior gloss
  • Excellent rub resistance
  • Easy to use and holds up under the most demanding of circumstances
  • Quick to color with little density drift throughout the run
  • Meets G7 specifications to match most proofing systems
  • Low VOC vegetable oil based product
  • Laminates well
  • Foil stamps

Earth Friendly Plus “EFP” Process Series is a vegetable oil-based system that qualifies for Soy Seal Approval and is high in bio-renewable resources. EFP promotes quick set and positive dry on enamel, board and uncoated sheets.


  • Laminates well
  • Foil stamps
  • Low VOC vegetable oil based product

Centra Fast Set Process Series is a dynamic
work and turn system that has been exclusively developed
to promote a quick set and positive dry on enamel, board
and uncoated sheets.


  • Superb transfer
  • Quicker make ready
  • Reduced waste
  • When time is of the essence... Centra Fast Set is the essential solution








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